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Get Paid $5 Just Trying This New Software Which Automates Your Business

This is crazy!!


Get Paid To Try New Software



Yes… we’ve already been called crazy for doing this!

But we’re still following through with this outrageous plan…

Get Paid $5 to Try Out Our Revolutionary News Poster Software for FREE to Put Your Social Media and Blogs on Autopilot!


==> Get the Details and Get Started Here


Our new social poster AI software will find niche targeted content online, curate the content to choose the best, write a post to intro the article, and even make the post to Facebook, Twitter or your Blog along with a snippet of the article and a preview of the image!


You can now post valuable content several times a day without having to do anything yourself except a few minutes of 1 time setup.

Plus… you can even sell this as a service to other businesses for any price you want. (Just imagine that you can be the one now charging a small fortune while our software does all the work.)

NOTICE: This is a limited time only marketing test we’re conducting this weekend so you must do this right away. We’ll close this offer soon.



We’ll not only let you try News Poster for FREE for 30 days…

We’ll actually PAY YOU to try it out for FREE!

Why? Because we know you’ll love it once you try it.

But even if you don’t love and don’t continue after the 30 days free, you’ll still put money in your pocket just for trying it out!



==> Get the Details and Get Started Here

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