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Ena Smith

Work From Home Opportunities

Our aim is to provide information on ways to make money from either the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world. There are many reasons why someone may want to work from home. Maybe they are unemployed or want to start their own business without the expense of finding an office and the associated costs that go with it.


We want to help people who:


Want to spend more time with their family/loved ones.

This is in our opinion the main reason why people should have the right to live their own life and work when they want. To fit life around their beloved family.

If we compare the hours we spend at the office with colleagues and the time we are at home with our families on weekdays, we would be surprised. We found 40 hours versus 25. That is why many parents, prefer to work from home, to raise their children and be there most of the time. Just remember to set some boundaries between you and your family when you are focused in your work, so they know when you are actually busy.


Are sick of schedules.

You have to recognise that sometimes when your alarm clock rings very early in the morning, you just want to turn it off and continue sleeping. Simply, you are not in the mood for going to work. If you worked from home, you have the flexibility to organise your day and start it whenever you feel ready.

However, do not take it literally and spend the whole morning lying in bed. You should wake up early and organise your day.


Can’t tolerate their boss anymore.

Market research from Gallup has found that in 2018 approximately 53% of 7,200 American workers quit their jobs because they want “to get away from their manager”.

When we have a boss that we can’t tolerate, we usually find that this affects our confidence, our happiness and our drive to get the job done. If you work from home, this would not be a problem.


Want more money in their pocket.

Forget about wasting time and money  going to your office everyday. When you work at home, there is no need to worry about transportation or traffic delays.

Imagine the money you’d save not spending it on fuel for your car or bus/train ticket. Also, a lot of the ways we show from working form home, can pay above the national average wage. Some people make millions of pounds a year.

Doesn’t want to wear a uniform.

Wear what you like. You’re the boss.


Take holidays when they want.

Its always the same, you see a cheap flight to your dreamed destiny, but just can’t go. The reason: you must agree first with your manager and/or Human Resources, make sure your colleagues aren’t away and “there’s cover”.  When you work from home, you can go on holiday whenever you want. We even show you ways to work from anywhere in the world so you can still make money when you’re on the beach.