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Banner Ads Advertising: How to Make Money Selling Banner Ads on Your Blog/Website.




Everyone would like to make thousands of pounds from their website or blogs every month. However that’s very unllikely if your not getting traffic and yo udon’t know how to make money online. You need approx.5000 monthly impressions before you can start making some decent money from your blog. If you look at the blogs about ways to make money online and blogging, they seem to be making most of their earnings by showing PPC Ads, Affiliate Ads in the form of banners and links, selling text link advertising, selling banner ad space, paid reviews and CPA or CPM based revenue models.


This article will be focused on ways to make money though banner ads advertising on your blog and website. You can make good money by showing banner ads though direct advertising or though banner advertising ad networks.


You will need to have a blog with good domain, search engine traffic, strong social media presence and branding to start making real money from blogs. Most of monetisation methods though banner advertising via blogs is also good for website owners
If sending traffic to your blog or website is the problem have a look at our top 35 ways to get traffic to your website. Please follow these methods. I hope that it brings you loads of traffic.

So let’s start. Here are the tried and tested methods of how to make money from banner advertisements.



1. Create An Advertising Page


First of all create an “Advertise Here” page Advertise Here page on your blog/website to inform potential advertisers about the advertising opportunities. You need to convince potential advertisers why they should advertise their products and services on your blog.
You should share website traffic metrics like monthly unique visitors, page views, bounce rate, percentage of traffic stream coming from various demographics etc. Apart from this, you should share your website latest page rank, Alexa Rank, RSS and Email subscribers, Twitter followers count and Facebook Fans count etc on advertising page on your blog.


You need to share most of advertising options including banner ads that you are accepting on your blog though this page like banner ads format, their respective locations, availability of ad slots, monthly pricing for each ad unit. If you are accepting banner ads on trial basis like one week to give advertisers a chance to get a feeling of your blog traffic, you should mention that on advertising page.


Most importantly you need to share how you will be accepting money like via Paypal or though credit cards etc. You should also share how advertisers can contact you by sharing your email id or by adding a contact form on advertising page. If your blog has been covered on top blogs and websites in your niche or in general, you should share the links on the “advertise here” page. From time to time, you should write special articles and blog posts for the promotion of advertising page on your blog.


Once you have included the above, you need to promote this page. You can promote this page by adding a link for it on prominent places on your blog where it gets maximum exposure. I would recommend adding a link for advertise page in your blog header section and sidebars to send maximum clicks to this page. The best thing about direct advertising is that you can set your own price and all money you make though this method is yours.


If you are selling banner ads though a network, you need to give 25% type of your earnings to those networks. So you can keep all your earnings with you by selling banner ads though advertising page on your blog.
Keep the advertisers updated by letting them know sold banner subscription, number of page views and clicks that generated for each banner ad on monthly basis type etc.


The only disadvantage is you need to manage this properly unless you are making enough t and can outsource this process.
On a number of occasions we can’t get enough advertisers through this method so one way is to join a banner advertising network. Here are banner ads advertising networks (Ads space buying and selling networks), you can use to make extra money from your blogs.



2. Google Adsense Ads


Use Google Adsense ads. You can sign up for free with Google as a publisher and ad text boxes, text links, search boxes and referral ads so you get commissions for leads and sales. Google will match the ads shown on your web pages with your content so the ads are relevant to your blog posts and categories. You will earn commissions for ad views, searches, leads and sales from the referral products you add to your sites.



Google Adsense supports all standard banner ad formats. So you will not find difficultly in adding banner ads of your choice from Google Adsense on your blogs. With Google Adsense, we are paid for each click, which is made on a Google Adsense Ad, which is placed on your blog. But we need thousands of daily impressions on our website to starts seeing good earnings in our Adsense account. Apart from banner ads, I would recommend you try Google Adsense text ads to increase your overall earnings.

They do have some guidelines and rules for its program though, and you should follow the guidelines and program policies so that you do not get your account blocked and lose your earnings.



3. Shopping Ads


Shopping Ads is another good way to earn money on your blogs or sites. You can customise the ads shown on your pages in different sizes and colours like, Google ads, and add keywords to make the ads relevant to your sites content. The ads shown are for products at auction, mostly on eBay, and you will get paid commission for any sales made from your websites or blogs. They also have an affiliate program so you can earn commissions from your referrals sales.



4. Chitika Mini Malls


Chitika mini malls. You can add Chitika malls on your sites and blogs in different sizes, colours and in different categories. You will earn commissions for sales resulting from showing the ads on your pages. They also have a referral program and you can earn from the sales your referrals generate as well.


You can add banners and text links for products, shopping malls and websites, creative widgets, even get the codes for a whole website which pay you for sales, leads and even for signing up to their newsletters. First you join an affiliate program which has merchants online who pay you to promote their programs. The main affiliate program also has a referral program so that you can build a sales team and earn commission on whatever they earn.



5 BuySellAds (BSA) Advertising Network


BuySellAds, also known as BSA, is a marketplace for banner ads. Lots of advertisers use this network to buy advertisement in the form of banner ads on top blogs and websites in their niche. Bloggers from all categories use it to make extra money online from their blogs by showing BSA banner ads on their blogs. Buy Sell Ads only accept blogs with decent traffic into its marketplace. All banner ads are purchase on monthly basis though this banner’s advertising networks.


BSA has been maintaining a revenue ration of 75:25 with its publishers where publishers will be getting 75% of their total earnings and rest of 25% money goes into BuySellAds account. Publishers can accept payments though Paypal, Check and Wire Transfer though Buy Sell Ads Network. Though Paypal, publishers can transfer funds two times a month into their Paypal account whenever they want. In case of Check, Publishers can ask for Check once in a month. BSA used to send payments via Wire Transfer every week. But you need to have minimum payout of $500 before using this facility and you have to pay a fee of $35 every time you use Wire Transfer facility.



6. OIO Publisher Network


OIO Publisher network gives use the facility to manage advertising space on blogs quite easily. We don’t need to share our revenue that we make by selling banner ads with anyone. We need to pay a one-time fee of $47 to start using OIO publisher network.
As an OIO Publisher, you will have full control over banner ads that will be shown on your blog.
Once you start getting advertisers on your blog though this network, there will be many more who will follow. They have been keeping a variable revenue ratio of 70 to 80% for the publisher, which is decided on the factors like your blog quality and advertisers feedback about your blog. For advertisers, they are able to place their ads on top blogs in their niche for low amount as low as $20 for a month. Publishers are paid into their Paypal account every month and they have been keeping a minimum payout of $25 for Paypal users.



7. Blog Advertising is another good alternative to BuySellAds Network. Approval into this ads buying and selling network is a bit easy when compared with Buy Sell Ads network. Publishers need to have an active Paypal account for accepting their earnings with blog advertising network. has been maintaining a revenue ration of 75:25 with its publishers.



8. PerformancingAds


PerformancingAds also offers ads buying and selling facility in its network. They accept blogs of all size in its marketplace. This network allows its publishers to sell 125×125 size banner ads only. Publishers can set their own pricing for ads they want to sell though PerformancingAds network. They have been keeping a revenue ratio of 60:40 with its publishers. They used to send payments on the first of every month to all publishers for their previous month earnings into their Paypal accounts.

You can see, then, that there are a lot of ways you can earn money on your blogs and sites for free. You do not need to know any HTML and can just copy and paste codes to add to your sites. All these programs come with free training as well so it is easy to get started even without much online knowledge.


Thanks to Anil Agarwal –